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The rise of social media has brought a new life to the academic field of social network analysis (commonly referred to as SNA). Traditionally grounded in sociology with applications to neighbouring fields such as management and education, it has now expanded to a variety of other disciplines including economics, geography, psychology, science studies and even […]

I was yesterday at a nice, small symposium organised by my Humanities and Social Science colleagues at the University of Greenwich on “Rethinking Resistance“. The symposium asked a simple, but crucial question: do we need new tools or new paradigms to understand the recent riots in Britain and Europe, the Arab spring, the Occupy movement? […]

Yesterday at the annual conference of British Sociological Association, I presented the latest results of the work I am doing with Antonio A. Casilli on the “End-of-Privacy” hypothesis and social media. Our presentation is accessible here. The boundaries between public and private are moving, all the more so in the Web 2.0 era -and we […]

On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I was at the 1st European Data Access Forum on Eurostat premises in Luxembourg. Representatives of governmental statistical agencies and academia (including funding councils, data services and us researchers) discussed how to enhance research use of the wealth of data that governments produce and that offer a great, still […]

The buzz around social networks continues to grow, attracting the attention of companies, policymakers, and us academics. Yet social networks themselves are nothing new —humans have always formed ties to one another, and so have organisations and groups! Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are new supports for social networks, but have not […]

This is a joint post with Antonio A. Casilli —as often happens! So, here we are in the (intermittently) sunny state of California for Sunbelt XXXII, the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) annual conference. This year the venue is Redondo Beach and the highlights are both old and new stars of social network analysis:  […]

I gave a one-day workshop on Introduction to Social Network Analysis  in July, and it was a great experience -for me and, from what I could see, for participants. I am now about to repeat the experience, and I’m so excited about it! Indeed, at the upcoming Winter School on Analytical Software at the University […]

Yesterday, Antonio Casilli and I gave a presentation of our ongoing project on testing the hypothesis of the “End of Privacy” in online communications. The workshop was organised by our funder, Fondation Cigref, in their offices in Paris and brought together all their current grantees. Besides our own work, many of the others seemed quite interesting […]

Today, I presented my joint work with Antonio A. Casilli on Internet censorship and civil violence, based on the rapid response paper we released this summer, at the Centre for Business Network Analysis seminar of the University of Greenwich. It’s more of a work-in-progress now —we plan to build an upgraded version that includes both […]

I had a great time at the Doctoral Summer School on “Network society and social networks” that took place earlier this month in the wonderful setting of Porquerolles, a little heavenly island off France’s Mediterranean coast. Co-organised by Institut Télécom and EHESS, two major higher education institutions in France and bringing together PhD students from […]


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