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It is at least the third time I am confronted with this problem – submitting a proposal to a funder, being unsuccessful, and not being told why. Is my proposal flawed or is it simply addressing a topic that is less of a priority for them? And if it is flawed, is it because of […]

A new article of the ANAMIA team (notably Antonio A. Casilli and Lise Mounier, and myself) has just been published online in the journal Field Methods. It is entitled Eliciting Personal Network Data in Web Surveys through Participant-generated Sociograms, has methodological focus, and targets primarily a public of social science researchers. Eliciting Personal Network Data […]

Just as an additional part of my interview on data has come out on SFR Player, I am preparing to attend a major conference on data and statistics next week in Brussels, with participation of national statistical institutes from European and other countries. Official statisticians who mainly used to do surveys, now fully realize the […]

I was interviewd by SFR PLAYER (an online magazine published by SFR, a major Telecom provider in France) on the changes induced by the use of big data in my work as a social science researcher. The video interview (in French) is available here. The same issue features an interview with danah boyd and various […]

The one-day workshop on “Introduction to Social Network Analysis” that I gave two weeks ago (wow, time flies…) at the University of Greenwich was a great satisfaction! A good audience of about 15 people (not too few, not too many), all very bright and nice. We had interesting and stimulating questions, and it was quite […]

I am going to give another one-day workshop on Introduction to Social Network Analysis  in a couple of weeks time -more precisely on Monday, 14th January, at the University of Greenwich, London, as part of a Winter School for researchers and PhD students in social science, management and economics, dedicated to Analytical Software. The rationale […]

I was yesterday at the Just-in-Time-Sociology (JITSO) workshop in Lausanne (oh, how I still like this town, after such a long time!). JITSO was a small-scale, nice and friendly event for like-minded social researchers, who feel the urge to use their baggage of theories and techniques to provide science-informed responses to today’s fast-paced social, political […]

[SAVE THE DATE: on 14th December 2012, we will hold a symposium on “Understanding Pro-Ana: Body, Networks and Nutrition” (Comprendre le phénomène pro-ana : corps, réseaux, alimentation) at Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris. It is an output of the research project ANAMIA of which the study presented here is part]. With Antonio Casilli and Lise […]

Statistics is not just about maths… beyond chi-squares and p-values, statistics was originally created in the seventeenth century as the science (or perhaps, the art)! of describing the state, and still does so today. Governments have statistical agencies in charge of informing it on the state of the country. Among other things, statistical agencies measure […]

The IAOS conference in Kiev, now just over, has been a great opportunity to discuss the “open data” movement and how it is radically transforming policy-making. Data, it is hoped, enable citizens to make more informed choices and hold the government to account: expenses, contracts, decisions and even meetings with lobbyists are now subject to […]


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