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I have just come back home from the annual conference of the British Sociological Association in Leeds. Lots of participants, excellent organisation, and a surprisingly nice (though rainy and chilly!) town with a modern, functional, well-equipped campus. Overall, however, a sense of unease prevailed. Perhaps it was the very theme of the conference: “Sociology in […]

Of all the economic bubbles … few have burst more spectacularly than the reputation of economics itself. So wrote The Economist in July 2009, commenting on the financial crisis. In the last few years, many have pointed their fingers at the discipline and its incapacity to predict the crisis, let alone to devise remedies for […]

Another post inspired by my participation in a major statistics conference –ISI2011 last week in Dublin. I am currently working at a large European project aiming to improve overall conditions of access to official data for scientific purposes, reducing existing inequalities across countries and (ideally, at least) providing a basis for a more consistent European-wide […]

In the last few days, my University has hosted the 7th UK Social Networks conference. Good attendance, good atmosphere, and many good papers, despite remarkable absences (unfortunately!), primarily due to other relevant conferences taking place simultaneously elsewhere. I have been particularly proud of my three students who have presented posters based on their coursework on […]

Social science scholarly activity has undergone dramatic transformations. Today, an academic is expected to be fully integrated in the wider international community and to meet ever-rising productivity standards in both teaching and research. The increasing pressure to ensure performance, accountability, and financial sustainability overwhelmingly targets new generations of researchers with issues that few of their […]

My presentation with Antonio on “An ethno-computational approach to friendship in a SNS” is online here. We gave it this morning at the Sunbelt XXX conference. Many thanks to all those who attended and emailed or twitted comments and remarks!

Tubaro, P., & Casilli, A. A. (2010). ”An Ethnographic Seduction”: How Qualitative Research and Agent-based Models can Benefit Each Other Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique, 106 (1), 59-74 DOI: 10.1177/0759106309360111 A new article has just come out, co-authored with Antonio Casilli on ‘‘An Ethnographic Seduction’’: How Qualitative Research and Agent-based Models can Benefit Each Other. We […]


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