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A new article of the ANAMIA team (notably Antonio A. Casilli and Lise Mounier, and myself) has just been published online in the journal Field Methods. It is entitled Eliciting Personal Network Data in Web Surveys through Participant-generated Sociograms, has methodological focus, and targets primarily a public of social science researchers. Eliciting Personal Network Data […]

I have already mentioned our study ANAMIA, undertaken in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of sociologists, social psychologists, philosophers, economists, and computer scientists in France and the UK. We look at the so-called “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” websites, blogs and forums (where “ana” and “mia” stand for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa), which have raised lively […]

On 14th December 2012, the French National Library (BNF, Bibliothèque Nationale de France) in Paris will host the ANR ANAMIA symposium “Understanding Pro-Ana: Body, Networks and Nutrition” (Comprendre le phénomène pro-ana : corps, réseaux, alimentation). Presentations will be in French (see program here). An English summary is available here. Attendance is free of charge but […]

[SAVE THE DATE: on 14th December 2012, we will hold a symposium on “Understanding Pro-Ana: Body, Networks and Nutrition” (Comprendre le phénomène pro-ana : corps, réseaux, alimentation) at Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris. It is an output of the research project ANAMIA of which the study presented here is part]. With Antonio Casilli and Lise […]

I participated today in a panel discussion at Voice of Russia London, on freedom of Web speech – the future of the Internet, possible restraints, what is and isn’t currently allowed. My angle was that on the unintended effects of censorship, based on research I have done in the last few years. You may remember […]

This is a joint post with Antonio A. Casilli —as often happens! So, here we are in the (intermittently) sunny state of California for Sunbelt XXXII, the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) annual conference. This year the venue is Redondo Beach and the highlights are both old and new stars of social network analysis:  […]

In the last few days, my University has hosted the 7th UK Social Networks conference. Good attendance, good atmosphere, and many good papers, despite remarkable absences (unfortunately!), primarily due to other relevant conferences taking place simultaneously elsewhere. I have been particularly proud of my three students who have presented posters based on their coursework on […]

Today, Caroline Smith and I held our first workshop in the framework of Uncivil Bodies, our joint, funded research project exploring interdisciplinary perspectives towards eating and food. We invited specialists, stakeholders and researchers from different disciplines to participate in an open discussion on eating-disorder related websites, blogs and forums. We had a representative of Beat, […]

I gave my presentation on Wednesday at the ongoing annual conference of the British Sociological Association at LSE, London -great experience! My presentation was in one of the sessions of the Medicine, Health and Illness stream and followed a panel on Telemedicine. Largely by coincidence, it fitted pretty well with the other presentations and the […]

Yesterday at the Southbank centre, I presented for the first time in public Uncivil Bodies, the project I am developing with my colleague and collaborator Caroline Smith. The event was “Endangered Species” -one of a series of workshops, held in five major world cities this month and organised by activist feminist groups around issues of […]


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