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The Economist of last week (I’m late with my posting…) dedicated two articles to the benefits of migration. One, in Economics focus, was on the costs and benefits of migration and how the countries of origin of migrants, mostly in the developing world, gain from migration primarily through remittances. The other was a review of […]

Having just reviewed “Poor Economics“, a new book by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo (high on my reading list…), The Economist is hosting a debate inviting prominent economists to discuss the question of whether randomised trials can be regarded as the future of economics. The debate is definitely interesting and the viewpoints expressed quite relevant. […]

Here are a few pictures taken during my visit of local branches of microfinance institutions, in the  town of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, the Union Territory of Pondicherry (both in South India), and the villages in the surrounding rural areas. Just a small hommage to their dedication to providing essential financial services to the poorer.

Back from fieldwork in India, I feel relieved. There is hope that the sector will come out of the severe crisis in Andhra Pradesh, and the seeds have already been planted by microfinance institutions themselves. I did not visit Andhra but Tamil Nadu, a geographically close state of  India and a comparably large and mature […]

The potential trade-off between commercial expansion and social goals is emphasised in comments of the current microcredit crisis in India –not least a well-informed FT article (subscription required) a few days ago. It has in fact been a recurrent theme in microfinance since the end of the 1990s. While consensus is that microfinance should strive […]

Antonio A. Casilli posted “Are social media deepening nutritional inequalities?” yesterday night. The post is about the launch of a joint initiative by CNN’s food blog Eatocracy and the location-based social networking service Foursquare. The idea is to support healthy eating by enabling users to check in local farmers markets and unlock  “Healthy Eater” badges. […]

Tomorrow at the University of Paris Dauphine, there will be a workshop on social processes inviting the use of social and organisational network analysis tools. My colleague Ana Marr and I will present part of our ongoing work on wholesale lending networks in microfinance. Slides here.

A paper I have recently co-authored with Ana Marr, my colleague at the University of Greenwich, studies the “wholesale” lending relationships with which microfinance institutions (MFIs) obtain funding from various types of organisations -be they financial companies, official development agencies, or charities. We adopt an inter-organisational network approach and focus on three different settings, among […]

At the Global Partnerships in Microfinance conference we organised at the University of Greenwich earlier this week, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands gave the inaugural speech. Her text can be found here.

My colleague Ana Marr and I gave a paper on “Global Partnerships in Microfinance: India, Peru and Tanzania” last Monday at the conference we organised at the University of Greenwich. We used a networks approach (below) to illustrate the lending relationships between microfinance institutions in these three countries, and their funders worldwide. The slides are […]


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