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The one-day workshop on “Introduction to Social Network Analysis” that I gave two weeks ago (wow, time flies…) at the University of Greenwich was a great satisfaction! A good audience of about 15 people (not too few, not too many), all very bright and nice. We had interesting and stimulating questions, and it was quite […]

The buzz around social networks continues to grow, attracting the attention of companies, policymakers, and us academics. Yet social networks themselves are nothing new —humans have always formed ties to one another, and so have organisations and groups! Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are new supports for social networks, but have not […]

I gave a one-day workshop on Introduction to Social Network Analysis  in July, and it was a great experience -for me and, from what I could see, for participants. I am now about to repeat the experience, and I’m so excited about it! Indeed, at the upcoming Winter School on Analytical Software at the University […]

I had a great time at the Doctoral Summer School on “Network society and social networks” that took place earlier this month in the wonderful setting of Porquerolles, a little heavenly island off France’s Mediterranean coast. Co-organised by Institut Télécom and EHESS, two major higher education institutions in France and bringing together PhD students from […]

In the last few days, my University has hosted the 7th UK Social Networks conference. Good attendance, good atmosphere, and many good papers, despite remarkable absences (unfortunately!), primarily due to other relevant conferences taking place simultaneously elsewhere. I have been particularly proud of my three students who have presented posters based on their coursework on […]

The spectacular rise of online social networking services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) in recent years has brought social networks to the fore, and drawn massive attention to the field of study of social network analysis (SNA). Yet social networks have always existed and are in fact a constant of human experience  – whether in the […]

My first paper with Juliette Rouchier has finally come out in the Proceedings of the 4th and 5th UK Social Networks Conferences! You can find it here. We develop an agent-based model of opinion diffusion in a social network, using data collected by Emmanuel Lazega and Lise Mounier on the advice network of judges at […]

Development economics exhibits renewed interest for microfinance, particularly after the first results of impact evaluations through randomized trials (e.g. the work of A. Banerjee, E. Duflo and co-authors). Yet the final outcome does not only depend on individual microfinance institutions and the local context in which they operate, but also on the chain of inter-organisational […]

Tomorrow at the University of Paris Dauphine, there will be a workshop on social processes inviting the use of social and organisational network analysis tools. My colleague Ana Marr and I will present part of our ongoing work on wholesale lending networks in microfinance. Slides here.

A paper I have recently co-authored with Ana Marr, my colleague at the University of Greenwich, studies the “wholesale” lending relationships with which microfinance institutions (MFIs) obtain funding from various types of organisations -be they financial companies, official development agencies, or charities. We adopt an inter-organisational network approach and focus on three different settings, among […]


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