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How come opinions and ideas can remain the same for long, even when people come and go? even when those who initially held those ideas have left? This occurs most frequently in organisations, which can display distinctive and persistent opinions, orientations and ideas despite turnover of members. Juliette Rouchier, Cécile Emery and I have been […]

A new article of the ANAMIA team (notably Antonio A. Casilli and Lise Mounier, and myself) has just been published online in the journal Field Methods. It is entitled Eliciting Personal Network Data in Web Surveys through Participant-generated Sociograms, has methodological focus, and targets primarily a public of social science researchers. Eliciting Personal Network Data […]

Just as an additional part of my interview on data has come out on SFR Player, I am preparing to attend a major conference on data and statistics next week in Brussels, with participation of national statistical institutes from European and other countries. Official statisticians who mainly used to do surveys, now fully realize the […]

The one-day workshop on “Introduction to Social Network Analysis” that I gave two weeks ago (wow, time flies…) at the University of Greenwich was a great satisfaction! A good audience of about 15 people (not too few, not too many), all very bright and nice. We had interesting and stimulating questions, and it was quite […]

I have already mentioned our study ANAMIA, undertaken in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of sociologists, social psychologists, philosophers, economists, and computer scientists in France and the UK. We look at the so-called “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” websites, blogs and forums (where “ana” and “mia” stand for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa), which have raised lively […]

On 14th December 2012, the French National Library (BNF, Bibliothèque Nationale de France) in Paris will host the ANR ANAMIA symposium “Understanding Pro-Ana: Body, Networks and Nutrition” (Comprendre le phénomène pro-ana : corps, réseaux, alimentation). Presentations will be in French (see program here). An English summary is available here. Attendance is free of charge but […]

[SAVE THE DATE: on 14th December 2012, we will hold a symposium on “Understanding Pro-Ana: Body, Networks and Nutrition” (Comprendre le phénomène pro-ana : corps, réseaux, alimentation) at Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris. It is an output of the research project ANAMIA of which the study presented here is part]. With Antonio Casilli and Lise […]

The rise of social media has brought a new life to the academic field of social network analysis (commonly referred to as SNA). Traditionally grounded in sociology with applications to neighbouring fields such as management and education, it has now expanded to a variety of other disciplines including economics, geography, psychology, science studies and even […]

Yesterday at the annual conference of British Sociological Association, I presented the latest results of the work I am doing with Antonio A. Casilli on the “End-of-Privacy” hypothesis and social media. Our presentation is accessible here. The boundaries between public and private are moving, all the more so in the Web 2.0 era -and we […]

The buzz around social networks continues to grow, attracting the attention of companies, policymakers, and us academics. Yet social networks themselves are nothing new —humans have always formed ties to one another, and so have organisations and groups! Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are new supports for social networks, but have not […]


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