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by Antonio A. Casilli and Paola Tubaro During the last week several voices of the international blogosphere have been discussing our study on the impact of social media censorship during the August 2011 UK Riots. As you know if you have been reading our blogs, our work was based on computational methods and aimed at […]

 Yesterday, the University of Greenwich has published on its website a Press Release on the research about UK riots I have been doing with Antonio A. Casilli:  Others have commented on our research on how censorship may change the pattern of violence. In particular, so far: Numerama (18th August 2011, France), Une étude conclut que la censure […]

By Antonio A. Casilli & Paola Tubaro This is the first of a series of joint posts of Bodyspacesociety + Paola Tubaro’s Blog. You are kindly invited to visit both websites, featuring plenty of interesting stuff. Why social media bring democracy to developing countries and anarchy to rich ones? O sublime hypocrisy of European mainstream […]

First post


Hello world! This is my first post. I am a lecturer in economic sociology at the University of  Greenwich, London, UK, and I am interested in social networks, agent-based models, and the philosophy of economics and the social sciences. This blog will be a place to share my interests.


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