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Hello everyone, You have probably reached this page after listening to my talk on Mobs and mobiles – the “dark side” of social media in relation to the 2011 UK riots, which was broadcast yesterday on BBC Radio 3 as part of its transmission “The Essay“, in a 5-episode series entitled “At the speed of […]

What does economics have to do with riots, some may think: isn’t economics all about markets, employment and inflation? Well, the answer is NO under many respects. It is no mere coincidence that a resurgence of mass protest has accompanied the recent financial turmoil and austerity measures in many countries – from anti-government demonstrations in […]

Hello everyone, You have probably reached this page after reading an article about our study “Social Media Censorship in Times of Political Unrest – A Social Simulation Experiment with the UK Riots” (published in the journal Bulletin of Sociological Methodology, vol. 115, n. 1). This post will provide some background information. Read the study First […]

I participated today in a panel discussion at Voice of Russia London, on freedom of Web speech – the future of the Internet, possible restraints, what is and isn’t currently allowed. My angle was that on the unintended effects of censorship, based on research I have done in the last few years. You may remember […]

I was yesterday at a nice, small symposium organised by my Humanities and Social Science colleagues at the University of Greenwich on “Rethinking Resistance“. The symposium asked a simple, but crucial question: do we need new tools or new paradigms to understand the recent riots in Britain and Europe, the Arab spring, the Occupy movement? […]

A new report by NatCen on the August 2011 England riots has just come out. The researchers have interviewed a number of participants and observers, some of them apparently in custody (how did they manage the ethics?!?), and have some first interesting conclusions. I have had only a quick look at the study so far, […]

Today, I presented my joint work with Antonio A. Casilli on Internet censorship and civil violence, based on the rapid response paper we released this summer, at the Centre for Business Network Analysis seminar of the University of Greenwich. It’s more of a work-in-progress now —we plan to build an upgraded version that includes both […]

I had a great time at the Doctoral Summer School on “Network society and social networks” that took place earlier this month in the wonderful setting of Porquerolles, a little heavenly island off France’s Mediterranean coast. Co-organised by Institut Télécom and EHESS, two major higher education institutions in France and bringing together PhD students from […]

by Antonio A. Casilli and Paola Tubaro During the last week several voices of the international blogosphere have been discussing our study on the impact of social media censorship during the August 2011 UK Riots. As you know if you have been reading our blogs, our work was based on computational methods and aimed at […]

 Yesterday, the University of Greenwich has published on its website a Press Release on the research about UK riots I have been doing with Antonio A. Casilli:  Others have commented on our research on how censorship may change the pattern of violence. In particular, so far: Numerama (18th August 2011, France), Une étude conclut que la censure […]


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