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Today, Caroline Smith and I held our first workshop in the framework of Uncivil Bodies, our joint, funded research project exploring interdisciplinary perspectives towards eating and food. We invited specialists, stakeholders and researchers from different disciplines to participate in an open discussion on eating-disorder related websites, blogs and forums. We had a representative of Beat, […]

Yesterday at the Southbank centre, I presented for the first time in public Uncivil Bodies, the project I am developing with my colleague and collaborator Caroline Smith. The event was “Endangered Species” -one of a series of workshops, held in five major world cities this month and organised by activist feminist groups around issues of […]

Uncivil Bodies


‘Uncivil Bodies: New Perspectives and Transdisciplinary Approaches to Eating Disorders’, is a transdisciplinary project about eating behaviours, eating disorders and how they are changing in response to today’s social, cultural, and economic transformations. It is the result of my collaboration with writer and performer Caroline Smith, a colleague at the University of Greenwich, whose practice-based […]

My colleague Caroline Smith (aka Mertle), performance artist and Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, is now running a “Bedtime Eating Secrets” event at the Brickhouse in the East End. This will feed into a developing research project we are doing together at Greenwich. She invites all those with a secret on eating to participate […]


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